Monday, April 5, 2010

The Beginning

In March 2009, after I had gotten Lyme Disease which was most unenjoyable, my husband and I decided to get some chickens. I remember how the chickens my family had when I was a kid would race after roaches and fight amongst themselves for the privilege of eating them. There were plenty to go around, that being South East Texas where we grow BIG BUGS- and lots of them. They also stole my brothers' and sisters' Christmas candy and whatever else they could reach so I knew they'd be voracious eaters. My husband and I both knew the taste of fresh eggs and that was another major factor in our decision to get chickens. Mmmmmm...

After spending many hours in books and online researching chicken breeds I chose Silver Spangled Hamburgs for their reputation as tireless foragers. They are a rare breed- gorgeous, lively, bug-hungry... but difficult. They are not recommended as a breed for chicken novices but always having been one to leap before looking I scoffed and placed my order. I ordered 25 day old chicks from a hatchery and the postal workers were as anxious for me to pick them up as I was to get them. I could hear them trumpeting their arrival even over the phone... from across the building. The first week was rough; I lost 6 due to the longer than usual shipping time but the strong ones made it through and grew shockingly fast.

As I go I'll tell our chicken story and probably write about other things as well, eating gluten free, life as an Irish musician, etc. Eventually I'll be caught up and will tell about the chicken flock as it is now, with 12 new chicks (Australorps and Ameraucanas) coming up to be the second line in "The Tick Patrol."


  1. I'm honored to be your first follower! I've already learned a lot about chickens--like why you have them. I knew you were really into chickens--I just didn't know why. I'm looking forward to more thoughts on chickens and such.

  2. Hey, nice looking blog. I'll make sure to keep up and see how the chickens are doing.

  3. "...we grow BIG BUGS- and lots of them. They also stole my brothers' and sisters' Christmas candy..."

    the chickens, not the bugs, right?

  4. Thanks! I'm glad someone's reading this stuff! :) Carl- ha, the chickens stole the candy although I could imagine one of those jungle roaches taking off with a Hershey bar. Yuck!