Friday, May 21, 2010

3 Month Old Chicks

The chicks are growing up. They are now bigger than the Hamburgs but don't have the confidence to stand up to the older hens yet. The flocks are mixing nicely though and I took down my dysfunctional fence since all it did was slice me up every time I opened or closed it. The chicks just flew over it and the Hamburgs went under it so we're all happier now with the coop open.

Blueberry, our surprise rooster, has discovered his maleness and acts like he sees himself as a lion ruling his pride. The Hamburg rooster experience taught me that I can't let him think he rules the flock, however. How do I let him know that the flock is MINE and not his? Mostly I just block his path when he tries to boss the girls around in front of me. He'll try to make them go here or there and I don't allow it. I also don't let him mate in front of me because that is the flock leader's right and that position is not occupied by Blueberry. So far he's behaving himself and I hope he'll continue to be a nice rooster because I'd really like to keep him. My husband was not happy at all when one of our 'pullets' started crowing so I will try and help Blueberry to know his place so that he can get along with everyone. He would help his case greatly though if he would take Teddy Roosevelt's advice and "SPEAK SOFTLY" (and if his claws could manage it wouldn't bother me if he wanted to "carry a big stick" as well.)

And for your viewing pleasure a picture of a very pretty white Ameraucana pullet and some year old Hamburgs below...

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  1. wow, they are good looking chickens. and rooster. interesting how you are communicating whos boss to bluberry... kind of like "chicken whispering"